ICS forms a partnership with Conferize to offer a new service to promote conference attendance
MAY 21, 2013

The Danish conference organizer ICS - International Conference Services - forms a partnership with Conferize to offer a new service that will increase the number of participants at Conferences and Congresses.

Conferize is a social marketing platform connecting conferences with millions of potential delegates in new and engaging ways. Based on people’s interests and by leveraging content sharing and social networking, Conferize engages a larger audience of both online and on-site participants. This increases the number of participants buying tickets and thus the financial results of the event.

Conferize creates relationships between the conference brand and people. It builds an ever increasing audience of thousands of followers and attendees, that conferences can re-engage year after year.

“We believe there is a huge need for reinventing how conferences engage people through social networking, content sharing and virtual participation to reach a larger audience and sell more tickets” Says Jon Schäffer, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder of Conferize.

ICS is offering a special introduction price for advanced access to the platform, which should easily be covered by the increased number of participants to the event.

Director at ICS, Per Ankaer, says "ICS has always tried to be among the first to deliver new tools to our conference clients. This new platform will dramatically increase the number of relevant participants to public Conferences and Congresses and there will be a high return on Investment guaranteed."

ICS has been organizing Conferences and Congresses for the last 25 years and was awarded the best Meeting and Event planner in Denmark in 2012. ICS has a strong team of 20 people in Copenhagen and has branch offices in Stockholm and Aarhus.

For more information, please contact Director Per Ankaer,

On or mobile +45 61702410