Alliance partner Monimita Sarkar puts the spotlight on India in IAPCO's MeetMe magazine.
JANUARY 22, 2018


Associations, particularly those in the West, are increasingly facing the challenge of building membership. One solution is looking to other regions to expand their reach, and India represents a multitude of opportunities for associations. 350 million members of the middle class, a likelihood of becoming the 3rd largest economy by 2028, and a strong representation in the health and pharmaceutical sectors are just some of the highlights that should encourage associations to make India a “must” in their outreach efforts.

Alliance partner Monimita Sarkar of KW Conferences in India gives examples of these opportunities in her article “India: an obvious choice for international associations,” featured in the November/December issue of MeetMe Magazine.

“Associations need to be open to evolving not only the way they reach out to the membership, but reconsider the geographies that they work in and look at expanding the scope in different regions,” says Ms. Sarkar. “In this hyper-connected world, quality education and networking opportunities remain the primary drivers. Associations need to push the boundaries and reconsider best practices for more active engagement with emerging destinations and the immense pool of talent in these countries.”

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