PCO Clients Deserve Financial Transparency, Rigorous Protections and Reporting
NOVEMBER 5, 2013

Press Release

Shanghai, 5th November  2013

Recent events threaten to undermine the inherent trust in PCO/Client relationships. Clients will certainly be asking many more pointed questions about the treatment and protection of their funds. The World PCO Alliance and each of its member companies have been and remain committed to simple and sustainable guidelines relative to client finances.

Our Pledge to Clients:

 1)     We provide transparency in all we do but especially in regard to the handling of client funds

2)      As allowed by law or country specific regulations, we separate event financials completely from other organizational finances and demonstrate this through separate sub or trust accounts

3)      We provide rigorous financial reporting

4)      We support recommended guidelines for independent audits

5)      We support appropriate insurance protections for both parties.

These simple guidelines allow our member firms to maintain solid relationships with their current clients and build the appropriate trust in new client relationships.

Per Ankaer, the Danish President of the World PCO Alliance says; “our members have recently
been contacted by several associations, who were interested in the World PCO Alliance financial concept.
Association clients indeed deserve financial transparency and protections. This financial security is our utmost priority and Alliance members look forward to working closely with our clients under these guidelines for all congresses and events with which we are entrusted."

About the World PCO Alliance:

The World PCO Alliance, a group of 20 PCOs, was created to help associations organize effective meetings throughout the globe. Representing the leading PCOs in all six continents, this cohesive group aims to capitalize on the efficiency of consolidating conference and event services within one network. By sharing resources, knowledge, technology, training and best practices, the World PCO Alliance is the associations' one-stop solution for international meetings and conferences.

The Group of PCOs organizes in total 500 yearly congresses and had over 400,000 delegates attending the Congresses in 2012.

For further information, we welcome you to contact Per Ankaer, President or Kitty Wong, Vice President;

Per Ankaer – or mobile +45-61702410

On-site ICCA contact: Kitty Wong -  mobile +886 932 009 202

Secretary-General  –